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“Desire- a powerful factor in your finances”


Desire, this one little thing has significant impact on everyone’s life. When we were infants, we had the desire to eat whatever we can, be it mud or father’s calculator. As we grew up to watch things around us, desire emerges as an outcome by the influence of surroundings. Desire to taste an ice cream, desire to own a tricycle, as our consciousness grows so does desire.
As a child, you have constantly been changing the desire to be someone, a soldier or an air force pilot, movie star or a politician/govt. officer e.t.c. but as we come to our teens, the realization hits hard and we work towards some certain career. Very few people in this world come to a point, where they have decided to be someone at 5 or 6 and achieved the same while beginning their working life, be it, Sachin Tendulkar or Sonu Nigam.

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