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Sahastha Financial Consultants- Fee only Financial Planners in India

Sahastha is a Sanskrit word and it means companion. As fee only financial planners in India it is our belief and approach that one needs to be a companion with a fellow client rather than a coach or mentor. We at Sahastha, being your companion, walks through all the ups and down to reach the destiny/milestone, which we have discovered together.

The roots of us coming from long back in 2011-12, we had started an awareness campaign called “How to Invest”, by this we tried to spread awareness about financial markets among common masses. Since then we have worked with beautiful people and experienced the joy of reaching one’s milestone.

Vision and mission

  • To be a financial companion of families around India & globe, assisting them in everything, which comes under pursuit of finance. 
  • To assist an individual in realizing his/her personal and business aspiration.
  • Reach to the level of society which is still not serviceable by financial planning community, teach them about the importance and assist them in applying financial planning at ground level.
  • Be the industry leader in providing all kind of personal finance fee-only services