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Financial Maturity – “I know What I am doing”


Very less has been written on this topic so far now. Also, the definition will be subjective once you hear the term “financial maturity”. Everyone will have their own version and it’s okay. In reality, financial maturity means, “I know What I am doing with my Money”. There is enough attitude in those lines, which revolves around a person’s financial life. Sadly, we are over-confident and we don’t know what we are doing with our money. Do not make a mistake to compare the financial maturity with frugality, both of them are different. A person who understands how his decision affects his personal finance is Financially mature. He might spend money on expensive laptops or business class flights, furthermore, she might not spend money on lavishness and only shell out money out of her purse whenever deemed necessary. It’s hard to understand this, but the person in charge will be the best person to know his/her circumstances and take the call accordingly. Read More