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SIP the new ULIP


You get up in the morning and reading your newspaper, in some time on the way to the office and stuck in traffic and surfing random websites in office, back to home and watching TV with the family. All of the stated activity has one thing in common and that is SIP. Ads in newspapers, a billboard on the way to the office, banners on the website and TV commercial in between the soap you are watching. It’s one of the highly advertised Investment mode of a financial product (Mutual fund). Similarly, there used to be ads of ULIP in its era. None of them is a bad product, but it might be one if you go blind. You have people talking in the office, relative and even grocery shop, who’ll give you random advice on which mutual fund to purchase and start a SIP. These all are the tactics of behavioural finance by driving the numbers in front of your eyes and influence you to take an early call.Read More