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Meet our financial planners in hyderabad.

The Companion: Piyush Khatri RIA, CFPCM

The Chief companion of Sahastha financial consultants also happens to be a CFPCM, CPFA, and SEBI Registered Investment Advisor is one of the financial planners in hyderabad. He is in financial planning industry from more than 6 years now and worked with 1000+ individuals to build the roadmap to success. Coming from a modest middle-class family, he belongs to a small town named Alwar from Rajasthan. p51128-144015

Few words from the Man himself:
 “Sahastha is an initiative to bring revolutionary changes in financial planning industry in India. I am in this industry for a long time now and studied various advice model. We are coming up with a fee-only model to uplift the quality of advice and transparency, we are not the best nor we claim to be the best, we are constantly improving and improving more than any other player in the industry. Be it behavioral finance or portfolio construction, we are introducing a proven combination of both to make your experience better. You need not listen to what advisor dictates, we at Sahastha listen to you, your dream and make a road and vehicle which suits you and your family. You are as unique as everyone is and we don’t give you what we are giving to others. I personally welcome you to start a journey with us and we will not disappoint you.


The Co-Companion: Nagarjuna Reddy CFPCM

A local Hyderabadi guy with an eye for details. He is a CFPCM. With an experience of 8 years in the field of finance Nagarjuna is able to deliver the best at the need of the hour. He has good insight about client’s financials and puts the best to unriddle the maze. As a keen observer with studious attitude, he is not only good at finance but also in other fields like Arts, Technology and Engineering.
Few words from the Man himself:
 “The first thing that has drawn me to Sahastha is its Fee Only services, this breaks the traditional thought that all financial advisors will earn commission some or the other way on advising the clients. The justly way of customized planning is to Listen, Understand, Process and Provide solutions to the client’s needs, but the market doesn’t go this way, it first provides solutions and expects the client to adjust accordingly. In simple, we at Sahastha take great care to provide what you want but not earn on your investments”.