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Financial Planning Charges

Comprehensive Financial Planning

A) Tailor made comprehensive financial plan: In this rigorous exercise, we will help you identify and achieve most of your future aspirations. Please follow below to know more:

  1. Risk management: We will identify all the financial risks you are dealing with, such as an early demise or prolonged hospitalization or an accident. Once identified, measures are brought up to deal with those risks in ways best suited for your profile.
  2. Goal planning: Together, we will identify the future aspirations you have and give all of them a name, amount and time. Once mapped, we will start working to achieve these goals.
  3. Investment planning: You might have invested a lot of money so far and majorly it may be channeled into different instruments with no connection to your risk appetite and goal duration. We will identify such investments, eliminate them and bring new instruments which aptly suite your profile and goals.
  4. Retirement planning: You may be 25 or 50 years old and may be secretly wishing to retire from your regular boring job to do something exciting, this dream job might not get you big money but will surely bring you a lot of satisfaction and peace. Therefore, to be at peace you need enough current corpus to sustain in the dream job which has less income. Whether it’s a financial freedom or early retirement, we will make sure to allocate the resources in best possible manner and align them as per your risk profile. We plan to make the corpus of your retirement lasts with you and also after you if needed.

Note: We do not take up plan execution services, the plan will be implemented(Put to action) by you. Our work is Advisory only.

Fees details:

  • ₹20,000 first year fees
  • ₹10,000 renewal fees


  1. Signing the engagement letter and completing KYC requirement
  2. Transfer of fees
  3. Post step 2, we’ll send you datasheet. It should be filled by you and extra information should be provided if asked by the planner, which’ll assist him in making a sound plan for you.
  4. First session with client and planner. We’ll have a call to validate the data you’ve submitted and finalizing goals.
  5. Post step 4 plan will be delivered in 4-5 days. Exceptions might be present in case of typical/lengthy case.
  6. Second session, in which planner will present the plan and explain it to the client.
  7. Alterations will be made if required by the client and plan will be locked for the client to execute it by himself/herself.
  8. Post step 7, each client will get 4 calls for entire duration of the contract. There will be no time limit on calls. If it’s 10 minute or two hours, each instance will be counted as 1 call. Off course, exceptions will be made in case of exceptional circumstances.
  9. At the start of every new contract year, we’ll look for the re balancing opportunities and client will be advised on the same. To make it clear, if we feel it’s not necessary to re balance, then it will not be advised. Also, the renewal fees is for re balancing advise and extra 4 calls with plan for duration of the contract.