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An Idea

As India is rapidly progressing towards becoming a developed country, it’s time for each and every person to take part in this development. While there is a plethora of information on the internet and in the print media, people tend to get confused when deciding how to invest their savings.

Moreover, many of us are negligent. Some younger employees tend to spend all their earnings rather saving some for their future. We should not forget that as our country is progressing, inflation is making everything more costly than before. For example, a household that lives on Rs.20,000 per month in 2016 will need to earn approximately Rs.77, 394 in 2036 to maintain the same lifestyle (Inflation @ 7% p.a).

The key to successful investing is goal setting. A goal is nothing more than a financial milestone which needs a major infusion of funds, these include building your dream home, giving the best possible education to your children or accumulating retirement funds.

Many times we start investing but without direction. Many people purchase insurance for the wrong reason, they buy it as a way to save on taxes instead of viewing it as protection against the financial risk their family may face due to the untimely death of the breadwinner. Those who invest in mutual funds don’t realize that it takes time to get good returns and they panic when faced with short-term losses.

Let us take care of educating your employees, so they can make informed financial decisions. It will help them to achieve their future goals, this will in turn reduce the stress of work, and allow your employees to remain motivated and focused on their jobs. Associate with us to help your employees lead more fulfilling lives. Happy employees mean better business.


The Welfare

We have conducted many workshops for corporations such as the Ashiana Housing Ltd and the Hindustan National Glass Ltd. over the last three years.

We have delivered over 100 hours of in-depth training to more than 1000 employees across the country. We have received rave reviews from both participants and employers.

Employees are able to visualize a brighter future after creating and following a detailed financial plan. Their family lives are more stable, they are more confident and happier.

Additionally, employers benefit by having a more motivated, purpose-filled workforce, and employees viewing their jobs more than a paycheck.

Get in touch with us today! We’ll help your business by helping your employees to prepare for their future through financial planning.