Fee Only Financial Planners



Financial Planning for salaried class is vital as they are one of the largest segment of the population in India. As a salaried person, you work hard to earn money for self and family well-being. Generally in salaried class, you follow what your colleagues or friends do, not only in buying general things but also you try to apply the same herd mentality in your personal finances, if Mehraji says that he has bought some good insurance which had benefited him, you would also tend to buy the same insurance thinking the same will also benefit you. It’s not compulsory that your financial lifestyle matches your colleagues, hence you have to differentiate yourself from the herd.

The other thing is, we in the salaried class generalize things. We tend to use the same pill for different headaches thinking all headaches are alike but we have to understand the cause behind it and use precise medicine to get rid of the pain. The same way there is some serious generalization when coming to your personal finances. We think insurance, investments, tax planning etc are all the same and try to buy an instrument which combines all.

Although you will see people telling financial planning is a tailored advice based on you, but what you receive at the end is a ready-made portfolio common for each and every client. It’s time to overcome such phenomena and get customized solutions according to your quantitative and qualitative inputs.