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retirement planning

Before you retire, think of retirement planning. In financial terms, retirement is the period when your regular income will stop. You may be salaried or self-employed, once you don’t receive the major or the only stream of income, we can say you are retired financially. You must arrange an inflation protected regular cash flow from the lump sum you built through retirement benefits or the savings did while working. Most of them will park such lump sum in fixed deposit thinking handling it is not easy and survive on periodical interest given by banks.

Some of us got only a faint idea about the longevity of the corpus. There is a certainty and uncertainty about life, one’s departure is certain but the time is uncertain. One might live longer than expected or die sooner, planning for such uncertain time is a necessity as the period we live costs us.

Sahastha provides solutions for such uncertainty through retirement planning, consequently we provides estate planning services to facilitate a smoother way of handing out your assets to your desired beneficiaries.