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stopping spending addiction

“The temptations of a Monk”


If you are living without something which you really love to have, the very thought of it makes you go crazy and breaks the fast which you have had for many days to achieve it. That’s the temptation, which is a diversion in your path which makes it even longer to achieve than planned. Consequently, as we grow older the value of the so-called temptation also grows and if we had surrendered ourselves earlier by interrupting the smooth flow of finances, we usually have to regret ourselves at a later stage for doing so. Hence stopping spending addiction is a must.
Today, you will find more ways to spend than ways to earn. There are heavy discounts and sales everyday everywhere. From your home to office and back to home from the office, you will encounter multiple cases of such POS(Point of Sales). You may think that you are getting more by paying less. Back in those days, we had 2-3 sale events every year, now we have 2-3 every week. You have to understand that it’s nothing more than marketing gimmick to sell the unsold goods which are not in demand or failed miserably. Moreover, the temptations which usually dies over time get backs while it hears the hammer hitting the gong and yelling of discounted sales.
Furthermore, as a living being, it’s in our nature to finish or consume whatever we can see and utilize. Cash is another culprit over here, if you are caged by temptation monster. This monster will utilize cash as a fuel to burn the fire even more. Cash which is in your hand, bank or credit card, are an easy sources to satisfy those temptations. More over we have E.M.I’s for every thing today which again pull you to increase current spending rather than to save for future obligations.

A monk will not possess anything of the above and so he can forgo the day to day temptations. He will survive on what is available to him, which is enough for today and repeat the process every other day. The only thing which he will accumulate over the year is wisdom. Happiness is not in things, it’s in your heart , pursue it. The same way as you earn, immediately some thing in to your savings, spend on the planned, keep emergency fund for the unplanned. Post to all this think yourself as a monk who has nothing in hand(Even though you have some residuals !).

This article is written especially for young friends. You usually disturb your finances by getting attracted to temptations. The future is blurry, save some of what you have today so that you can go beyond those blurred lines.


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