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Our Offerings

Explore our comprehensive range of services, including investment planning, mutual funds, and tailored wealth management and growth. Our expert advisory is dedicated to optimizing your financial well-being and securing your future.

Tailored guidance aligning goals with budgeting, investing, and securing future well-being.

Financial Planning

Strategic investment advice for diversified, professionally managed mutual funds portfolios.

Mutual Funds

Comprehensive protection strategies for individuals, families, and businesses against uncertainties.

Insurance & Risk

Strategic advice and insights to optimize equity investments for long-term growth and wealth accumulation.

Equity Investments

LEARN: “Learning” is an essential art for a professional to acquire. Those who think they have learnt everything are actually ignorant of ever changing circumstances. Be it micro or macro, domestic or international market, annual reports of companies or factsheet of mutual fund, we delve on everything and this enable us to learn about things which is not so common knowledge, ultimately helping us in finalizing investment decisions.

ADAPT: “The art of life lies in a constant readjustment to our surroundings.” Kakuzo Okakura ~ Active portfolio management or tactical asset allocation are some ways we “adapt” the market situation and help the clients sail through the ever volatile market without hiccups.

IMPLEMENT: Timely “implementation” of our strategies is very important. We help our clients indirectly by enabling them with information required to implement advice in timely manner.

DEVELOP: “Developing” is what we thrive on. Be it proprietary financial plan making process in excel or portfolio management with real time view of your portfolio in google sheet, we develop everything in house. We pride on our self by rejecting readymade templates and solution available in market and instead develop something which is very unique, personal and simple to understand by each of our clients.


Why Sahastha?

Our Process

Through our 8-step process, we understand your goals, assess your finances, and create a tailored plan. Through regular reviews and adjustments to your financial strategy, we provide a solid foundation for success.

Data Collection


Service Fee Payment


Signing of Agreement


Analyzing & Goal Setting


Curating Specific Plan




Implementation of plan


Active Equity Advise


Customer Reviews

I'm taking Piyush Khatri's financial planning and advisory services since 2016. I found him highly ethical, competent and keeping my interests first while recommending products and changes to asset allocation. His advice helped me control for my biases, invest in right and relevant products and more importantly develop confidence that my family would be able to meet our goals

Naren Peri

Head of Global Analytics and Research Center

Piyush is very pragmatic with investing and conveys simple actions for us to execute. Our portfolio has seen good results in bearish & bullish times of industry performance. We trust Sahastha's Piyush for the long run, and we're glad he's younger than us to keep managing our financial goals now, and beyond retirement.

Parvinder (Parry) Singh

Account Executive/Director, BD

One aspect which is unique in Piyush compared to other planners, is the financial plan made by him looks very personal to me. Its not a generic template but a plan which is my own and adjusted "each year" based on my life changing events. This makes my plan a living one and we feel very motivated due to this.

Jaspreet Singh Chhabra

Development Expert

I have been working with Piyush since over three years now. I like that he is objective in his approach and personalizes his recommendations after fully understanding my needs and risk apetite. Working with him has also been educational for me because he takes time to explain why he recommends certain action from my side. Since the time I've started working with him, I feel more confident that I am working towards a certain goal. He is also diligent in sharing updates informally on adhoc basis and along with a formal monthly checkpoint. Overall, I've been very happy with the service provided by Piyush and would recommend him to anyone who is looking for a financial planner.

Karthik Talloju

Engineering Manager

We are dedicated to providing honest, client-centric financial advice. Our mission is to build trust through transparent practices, empowering individuals and families to make informed decisions.


To be the trusted beacon of integrity in the financial industry, where clients find solace in knowing their financial future is guided by unwavering ethical principles and expert advice with focus on growth and stability.


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