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Sahastha is a Sanskrit word which mean Companion






Certified Financial Planner

FPSBI: 69856

Expiring: Mar 2024


Creating Financial

Since 2012



Masters Degree

Piyush Khatri

About Me

Hello, I'm Piyush Khatri, a dedicated professional with over 10 years of enriching experience in the field of wealth management. I embarked on this fulfilling journey with a passion for empowering individuals to secure their financial futures.

Professional Journey
My career began by coaching people on the fundamentals of saving and investing. Over the years, I have had the privilege of guiding more than 500 individuals towards financial prosperity. Through careful wealth management, personalized financial planning, and effective risk management strategies, I have helped my clients achieve their financial goals and navigate the complexities of the market.


Passion for Empowerment
What drives me is the desire to empower others. I firmly believe that financial knowledge is the cornerstone of a secure future, and I am dedicated to imparting this knowledge to everyone I work with. By demystifying the world of finance, I enable my clients to make informed decisions, ensuring their investments align seamlessly with their aspirations.


Beyond Finance
While my professional life revolves around wealth management, my interests extend far beyond. I am an avid traveler, finding inspiration in diverse cultures and landscapes. Traveling fuels my creativity and broadens my perspective, enriching my ability to assist my clients effectively. Additionally, music is a source of solace and joy for me. I find inspiration in melodies and rhythms, often incorporating this creativity into my approach to wealth management.


Join Me on this Journey
I invite you to join me on this journey towards financial stability and growth. Whether you are just beginning your investment venture or seeking to enhance your existing portfolio, I am here to guide you every step of the way. Together, we can create a robust financial plan tailored to your unique aspirations and dreams.


Thank you for considering me as your partner in wealth management. Let's embark on this empowering journey together!
Warm regards,
Piyush Khatri

Piyush's Note


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