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How to handle finance as young couple

Updated: Oct 4, 2023

The hardships of managing finances as a young couple can be challenging at times. Management of money by a couple is primarily governed by their financial compatibility and how well they communicate with each other. This is one of the key aspects of a successful marriage. Focused investing is obviously best done together with a single minded purpose.

Quite a few times couples sideline the topic of money or they do not discuss it in order to avoid stress and pressure in the relationship. Disagreement regarding money can lead to permanent cracks in the family.  But in my opinion, having open and healthy discussion can remove the conflicts and confusions. A family’s ability to meet their financial goals like beat inflation and create wealth depends on when they choose to invest, how much they choose to invest, how they choose to invest.

Different couples manage money in different ways. Well, I want to share my experience about managing money. I have been married for 2 years and we both are private-sector employees. In the early stages of our marriage, my husband handled most of our finances. We never really had much discussion about financial matters. Now we both are actively participating in managing the finances and achieving our desired financial goals.

Financial tips that I learnt from my mistakes – all you need is love and financial intimacy

  1. In the initial days, we used to spend more of our income for living expenses, shopping, vacations etc. We ignored savings since we were newly married. We became more aware of our expenses and learnt to control it. So, we started calculating monthly budget about how the bills will be paid and began to monitor the expenses regularly.

  2. We used credit card for EMIs with higher interest rates. Then we realized that we need to develop a plan to shoot down the existing debt. Think twice before every purchase and eliminate unnecessary spending’s.

  3. We never gave it a thought about having a sufficient emergency fund. Pandemic situation taught us lesson. During the pandemic, my husband salary got effected. We were unable to manage our monthly expenses, EMI’s, etc. We made lots of compromises on spending’s. Then we realized about how important it is for us to do money management.

  4. We thought as we are a young people we do not require health coverage as of now, but the current times taught us to never ignore the health and its protection at any stage of our lives.

  5. We have started to handle our savings account, make money goals, and keep them updated on our progress. It has created a perfect balance, and it allows both of us to feel like we are contributing to our overall financial goals.

We realized over time that the whole point of marriage is to work together on challenging issues, and to become financially independent is one of the biggest obstacles and most rewarding goals in life. So, what’s required to achieve this goal is to do a little settlement, listening to each other viewpoints, and talking through important financial topics.

Ever since then, we have never wavered. We jointly handle all of our investments, medical insurance, and makes decisions together like choosing the right products. We aim for savings target and have been consistently achieving it now.

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